How can I boot my Fedora 8 because I reinstalled my Windows XP?

I have my dual-boot on my laptop and it is installed with Windows XP as my primary operating system with a Fedora 8 over it.

I use GRUB for my boot loader and it is written on my Windows’ MBR. I have only one HDD, a SATA one, with three partitions. One for my Windows XP, my files and for my Linux box.

I reinstalled my Windows XP and my grub was fully erased in my Windows’ MBR. I could not boot my Fedora 8 anymore. I spent a day looking for a solution. I almost tried everything I see from the internet but unfortunately they do not work. But I found a working one. Meaning to say, don’t stop looking for it until you find it. This could be of big help to you. Just follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Insert your Fedora 8 installer (CD1) and set your boot sequence to your CD.
  2. When the CD is loaded, choose “Rescue installed system” from the menu.
  3. Wait for it to be loaded and follow the wizard.
  4. In the command, check first the name of your partitions,
    fdisk -l
    It says something like sda, sda1, sda2/hda, hda1, …
  5. In my system, my Windows is installed on my first partition which is the sda.
  6. Change the current directory to /mnt/systimage with a root privilege.
    chroot /mnt/sysimage
  7. Install grub to your MBR’s location device, which is the Windows partition
    /sbin/grub-install /dev/sda
  8. Perfect! Restart your system and set the boot to your hard drive. It will show you the menu listed your Windows and your Linux.
  9. If these steps will not work, repeat again because this really works.

Currently I have my Fedora 8 and Windows XP installed on my laptop. I am enjoying using them for different purpose.

Welcome to dual-booting!


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