XPath Checker Y Regular Expression Tester

XPath checker and regular expression tester are both plugins.

I know that some of you are familiar with these two things and some of you are not. For this past month I have been using these plugins and these are also my favorites. They are really useful in terms of time and efficiency.

Let me explain these things to you.

XPath Checker is a Firefox Extension for testing XPath expressions interactively written by Brian Slesinsky. It is also like a regular expressions for web pages. XPath make it easy to extract content from deeply nested markup in a web page or an XML document. This would be useful in unit-testing code that generates XML or HTML.

Here are examples of xpath expressions:

Get the title of a page:

List all the images on a page:

List the images that are inside a link:

List the images that have alt tags:

List the images that don’t have alt tags:

Show all the alt tags:

Show the href for every link:

Get an element with a particular CSS id:

REGULAR EXPRESSION tester is simply a tester for regular expressions on the fly. It is a plugin for your Eclipse especially you are dealing different patterns.

These two are small but powerful tools in programming. These are also my favorites and I wish you will find it useful and helpful than doing your own parsers in a weeks or in a months.


  • Test and search for regular expression
  • Matches are colorized, for an easy visual clue
  • Support for pattern flags (e.g. Pattern.DOTALL)
  • LiveEval evaluates your regular expression while you are typing it, gives feedback on possible errors and shows any matches automatically
  • LiveEval is supported for changes of the regular expression, the search text and the pattern flags
  • 4 distinct match modes:
    • Find a sequence of characters
    • Match a complete text
    • Split text
    • Replace every occurence of the regex with a different string
      Replacing supports back references ($1,$2,…)
  • LiveEval for match mode changes
  • Context sensitive “Regular Expression Assist”
  • Selective evaluation of expressions
  • Bracket Matching
  • Generation of string literals based on the regexp, e.g. “\(x\)” becomes “\\(x\\)”
  • De-escape patterns in your code, e.g. \\(x\\) becomes \(x\)
  • Improved “Clear Menu”, choose which parts of the view you would like to get cleared every time you press the clear button
  • Easy movement through matches: Choose “Previous Match” or “Next Match” and cycle through all matches found.
  • Polished and accessible user interface, everything is reachable via keyboard

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